Deepak Singh

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Product Enthusiast, LFC fan, amateur
photographer, & a mountain lover

I love creativity, numbers, human behaviour, & technology, & hence product management seems to be a great career to pursue. I started my career in strategy consulting, market research & analytics, & then moved on to build user-centric products that are driven by data. I have experience with Data Science, Workflow, & Marketplace products. I love working on, & learning & reading about technology, behavioural economics & environment. As an early employee of Belong.co, I have experience in a fast-moving environment of an early-stage Internet start-up. I am also a part of the leadership team involved in strategic decisions making.

I follow a few principles when solving user problems or making decisions


Think it, build it, ship it and

tweak it


A job well begun is half-done, and in product management defining user/business problem is job half-done


Expand & Explore so you don’t miss on anything & then narrow down, concretize & put in executable chunks for Engineers


Focus on Impact than just shipping stuff


Saying “No” to focus & prioritize


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